Project Background: I have a spreadsheet of existing assets that I will be inspecting in an upcoming site visit. I uploaded the Existing Assets CSV file to AGOL to create a feature layer. A PDF of the feature layer screen is here (Lake Pleasant Feature Layer) and the JSON is here (Lake Pleasant JSON). I then created a new survey in Survey123 Connect using the Feature Service radio button, and successfully created a survey in which I'm able to use the Inbox to view existing assets and modify any field I'd like.

Question: I want to be able to take photos of these existing assets during the site visit. I've read online that this is a shortcoming of Survey123 if modifying existing records, and that a repeat field needs to be added to create a related table. I attempted to create a repeat field for the images to be taken in the field; however, I get the error message "The custom feature service submission_url is not compatible with this survey (Table PHOTOS not found)" (also in the screenshot below).

How can I fix this problem?


Existing Assets

Lake Pleasant Feature Layer

Lake Pleasant JSON

Error Screenshot

  • You don't need a repeat field for users to be able to add a photo to the survey. However, if you want them to be able to add MULTIPLE photos in the survey, then you need to either have a repeat OR to have multiple 'image' questions. – Son of a Beach Dec 12 '19 at 23:18
  • If you don't already have any real production data in the survey, you could delete all traces of it from ArcGIS Online, and then, using your existing XLSX, create a new survey. Then when you publish from Survey123 Connect, AGOL will create a service that matches your survey definition, instead of trying to match your survey definition with an existing but incompatible feature service. – Son of a Beach Dec 12 '19 at 23:22

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