I have made a few qfield projects before without this issue, but I can't seem to get around this. I don't think this has to with projection because I'm able to spoof my location from my phone to be all over the world and the gps point still just stays off the western coast of Africa. I've never had this happen before and can't seem to find any sort of way around it.

The gps has worked on many other projects so I don't think it's a device issue (also because every other app shows my correct location). It must be on the qgis end.

  • Check the coordinate reference system of the layer. Make sure that is in an unprojected system, probably WGS84. – wfgeo Jan 2 at 0:31
  • 3
    The geographic coordinates for (0,0) are just off west Africa. So could it be that the coordinates are either not available, not being passed correctly, or unable to be translated into correct numbers, then just defaulting to (0,0)? – Son of a Beach Jan 2 at 1:00

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