I have a bunch of Landsat 5 scenes that I want to mosaic together.

However Landsat 5 scenes have a zigzag pattern on the left and right edges as well as some bad data values along these edges.

Is there a program that can automatically trim the edges of the Landsat 5 scenes so that all the edges are nice and straight?


You can download the scene boundaries here;


You could use these as they are or generate an "inside" buffer shapefile to ensure that you trim all bad data in all bands.

Create a separate file for each scene (use split by attributes tool if there are many images to be processed).

Then clip the rasters (CLIP tool in ArcGIS)


The manual way to do this is to use the official WRS-2 path/row scene boundaries

To answer, however, your question directly about an automatic way to trim Landsat TM5 (or any other Landsat product I guess) edges, there is i.landsat.trim, a GRASS-GIS module.

See also:

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