I am a beginner with QGIS. This file was sent to me along with others by my professor. One of them doesn't work. I'm mapping an Australian river catchment (Daly), one of the shapefiles is for the territory and the other one for the rivers contained in the territory. This last one isn't recognized by QGIS.

The message:

Invalid Data Source: D:\Desktop\Tesis\Para Qgis\Rivers.zip is not a valid or recognized data source.

The files:enter image description here

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    Unzip the file first? – Tung Jan 5 at 18:54
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    You can access most archives directly via the Browser panel; then just drag'n' drop the .shp file into the Layer panel. – geozelot Jan 5 at 19:01
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    The zip file does not contain mandatory Shape Index Format (.shx) file. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapefile – Gabriel De Luca Jan 5 at 22:33
  • Try the solution from gis.stackexchange.com/questions/306218/… to restore the shx file. – AndreJ Jan 6 at 7:29
  • Or email the professor and tell them the River_500_Albers shapefile is missing its shx file. They may have forgotten to select it when creating the zipfile. No need to fix corrupted data if you have access to the original, uncorrupted data. – csk Jan 6 at 20:16

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