Often when running lidR:::catalog_laxindex() on a catalog of tiles I'm seeing the following log messages:

largest interval gap increased to 1554
largest interval gap increased to 3802
largest interval gap increased to 15080
largest interval gap increased to 3921

while the function is running. The function runs successfully to completion, so should I worry about these messages or ignore them?

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    I have encountered this message when normalizing point cloud data. Could you please describe how you read in the las data and any preprocessing/filters you apply? Is there a link to the dataset your are working with? If you can help us replicate the issue, that would be great. – Aaron Jan 8 at 3:09
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    I apologize for the misleading post. These log messages are actually coming from lidR:::catalog_laxindex(), which I run just prior to normalizing. – Lucas Jan 8 at 17:11
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    Ok so it is nothing. You would have the same message with laxindex from lastool. This come from laslib code. catalog_laxindex basically wraps the code of lasindex in R – JRR Jan 8 at 18:11

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