The following script has the purpose to upload all .xyz files into QGIS that are within the folder xyz_data. That's the script:

from qgis.core import QgsVectorLayer, QgsProject
import glob, os

dir = "C:/Users/user/Desktop/xyz_data"


for file in glob.glob("*.xyz"):
    uri = "file://" + dir + file + "?delimiter=%s&xField=%s&yField=%s" % (" ", "field_1", "field_2")
    name = file.replace('.xyz', '')
    lyr = QgsVectorLayer(uri, name, "delimitedtext")

When I run the command in the python console the names of the files appear in the QGIS layerlist but there is no data and I get an attention sign next to the layer. There is no attribute table I could open nor can I zoom to the layer

enter image description here

Hovering over the attention sign gives me the following error message:

No available Layer! Layer data source was not found.

Apparently it has something to do with the uri. However, I don't see any errors in the code. The directory is correct, I went to the folder and copy & pasted the url.

Perhaps there is something wrong with writing + file +?

Perhaps I don't get the whole filename as a string?

The delimiter is correct as well. The xField and yField names are correct as well I think. The file itself already starts with the x-coordinate and doesn't have a line called xField, however when I upload each file manually, QGIS represents the columns as "field_1" and so on.

Does anyone see the error?


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You need to append a forward slash in your dir so that it looks like:

dir = "C:/Users/user/Desktop/xyz_data/"

And as you figured out, you need three forward slashes when defining the file url:


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