import Map from "esri/Map";
import MapView from "esri/views/MapView";
import Graphic from "esri/Graphic";
import GraphicsLayer from "esri/layers/GraphicsLayer";
import webMercatorUtils from "esri/geometry/support/webMercatorUtils";

async function kewlClickHandler(event) {

    function initDrawLine();

        function initDrawLine(Map, MapView, Graphic, GraphicsLayer, webMercatorUtils) {

          const map = view.map;

          var graphicsLayer = new GraphicsLayer(); // here

          ...... etc

No matter how I arrange my function params and header module includes; I repeatedly get the following error with my initDrawLine function:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: GraphicsLayer is not a constructor

New to arcgis-js-api, any ideas?

Update: This is the context, no errors or issues within stand alone CodePen: in arcgis-js 4.13

But errors in actual environment in arcgis 4.11 - confusing.


var graphicsLayer = new GraphicsLayer(); <--- The error us being thrown from this line of code, because as the error is saying "GraphicsLayer is not a constructor." And in that line of code, you are trying to declare GraphicsLayer as a constructor once you put () after.

Below is how you need to declare a new GraphicsLayer:

new GraphicsLayer()

Creates a new GraphicsLayer object. (Added at v1.4)


require([ "esri/layers/GraphicsLayer", ... ], function(GraphicsLayer, ... ) { var countyLayer = new GraphicsLayer(); ... });

  • Thanks for taking a look but confused with your answer: I am declaring 'new GraphicsLayer()' the same way you are in your sample – emilio estevez Jan 8 at 18:34
  • But is also has a require. I would try is exactly as it is above. Yes, there is a function, but it is all included inside the parens of the require. – enolan Jan 8 at 19:59

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