Is there a way to disable scroll wheel zoom events for Leaflet in R, when you do not know what the zoom is in advance?

output$map <- renderLeaflet({
  location <- input$location_id
  lf_bbox <- st_bbox(location) # a bounding box defined by location polygon
  leaflet(options = leafletOptions(cantDoScrollZoom=FALSE) %>%
    fitBounds(lng1 = as.numeric(lf_bbox$xmin), lat1 = as.numeric(lf_bbox$ymin), 
                lng2 =as.numeric(lf_bbox$xmax), lat2 = as.numeric(lf_bbox$ymax) )

Things I have tried

leaflet(options = leafletOptions(minZoom = 10, maxZoom = 10))

Setting minZoom and maxZoom could work (see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58081193/disabling-zooming-when-scrolling-over-leaflet-map-in-r ), but NOT if you don't know the zoom level in advance (if using fitBounds() to set the zoom of the map as above).

leaflet(options = leafletOptions(scrollWheelZoom = FALSE))

Does not work.

leaflet(options = leafletOptions(doubleClickZoom=FALSE))

Leaflet's javascript backend has scrollWheelZoom.disable(), but the current version of R Leaflet does not seem to have a scrollWheelZoom=FALSE option in LeafletOptions()... cf. disabling doubleClickZoom with doubleClickZoom=FALSE does work: Disable double click zoom event in Leaflet for R

leaflet(options = leafletOptions(minZoom = 10, maxZoom = 10)) %>%

leaflet.extras has suspendScroll(), which itself does not seem to work in current versions, although this serves a different purpose (i.e. avoiding accidental scrolls), and scroll zoom returns after a while. https://github.com/rstudio/leaflet/issues/464

Any ideas?...

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