Regarding slope lenght, DESMET & GOVERS (1996) based:

enter image description here

the following equation used in the LS factor SAGA GIS module (URL: https://sourceforge.net/p/saga-gis/code/ci/master/tree/saga-gis/src/tools/terrain_analysis/ta_hydrology/Erosion_LS_Fields.cpp#l497):

and the following C++ code:

L = (pow(Area + Get_Cellarea(), m + 1.0) - pow(Area, m + 1.0))
/ (pow(Get_Cellsize(), m + 2.0) * pow(22.13, m) * pow(x, m));

what is the meaning, in a grid or raster GIS file, of: a) Area b) Get_Cellarea c) Get_Cellsize?

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Regarding several documentation (1):

1) Ajin = "flowaccumulation x area of a cell" [area (m2)]; 2) Ajin + D^2 = "flowaccumulation x area of a cell + area of a cell" [Get_Cellarea (m2)] or [Get_Cellsize (m)].


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