I have a georeferenced orthophoto and a DEM as tiff-file. For my further workflow I want to export x,y,z (x,y from the orthophoto and z from the DEM).
I already managed to create a point layer and click a couple of points, which I want to use as control points. After clicking I exported the new layer as CSV & turned GEOMETRY on AS_XYZ.
It already works fine for X & Y, but not for the Z-Coordinate. I guess, because the height is saved as an attribute in the DEMz in cm.
Does anybody have an idea how to connect x,y and z?
(the DEM and orthophoto aren't snapped).

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    look in the processing toolbox for the point sampling tool. – csk Jan 14 at 17:47
  • @csk Thanks for your tip! The point sampling tool solved my problem. – sunflower Jan 21 at 17:59

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