I would like to set up a simple web map which should be used as an information for those out in the field that needs to show something immediately. So I would just load the web map and get an overview. The thing I would like to have is a map normal background map and then the user should be able to draw a polygon/point/line and that polygon should then be stored in a database or on the server.

For now I am going with Leaflet and QGIS.

Could someone tell me how it do this or provide links?

  • AFAIK, a "simple web map" like what you can produce with the qgis2web plugin is just for viewing data. Recording and uploading data is more complicated. Have a look at qField. – csk Jan 14 at 20:24
  • You probably need to look at WFS-T – Ian Turton Jan 15 at 8:12
  • Thank you for the answers. I will look it up and read more about it. QField is only for smartphone as I understod it? – Linkinpark Jan 27 at 20:38

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