I am trying to calculate mean annual and monthly land surface temperature for three image collection of landsat8, Landsat5, and landsat7(image collection of landsat7 and landsat 5 are merged). The problem is that there is an error:ImageCollection (Error) User memory limit exceeded, when I am trying to join two image collection with different bands.

var filter = ee.Filter.equals({
  leftField: 'system:index',
  rightField: 'system:index'

// Create the join.
var simpleJoin = ee.Join.simple();

// Applt join
var thermalband8 = ee.ImageCollection(simpleJoin.apply(landsat8thermal, landsat8EM, filter));
var thermalband82 = ee.ImageCollection(simpleJoin.apply(landsat8EM, landsat8thermal, filter));

print('Joined', thermalband8, thermalband82);

var final_col8 = thermalband8.map(function(img){

  // Create a collection with 1 image
  var temp = ee.ImageCollection(ee.List([img]));

  // Apply join to collection 2
  // Resulting collection will have 1 image with exact same date as img
  var join = simpleJoin.apply(thermalband82, temp, filter);

  // Get resulting image
  var i2 = ee.Image(join.first())

  return img.addBands(i2)

print('band Names:',final_col8);

var LSt8function = function(image){
  var LST8EQ=image.expression(
    '(Tb/(1 + (0.001145* (Tb / 1.438))*log(Ep)))-273.15', {
      'Tb': image.select('Thermal8'),
      'Ep': image.select('EM')}).rename('LST8');
 return  image.addBands(LST8EQ)};

var LST8= final_col8.map(LSt8function);
print('band Names:',LST8);

Map.addLayer(LST8.select('LST8'),{min: -30, max: 32, palette: ['white','blue','green','yellow' ,'red']},'LST8');

I tried to work on it and the problem is not solved, I need to calculate the LST of each image to use it for estimating the average land surface temperature(annually, and seasonally)

code is here


The main problem was for the joining part of script, I added the NDVI,FV,EM, an the calculated LST to the main collection and used it for other calculation without using ee.list and joining.

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