I have a raster and I'd like to underlie it with a basemap in tmap. In the view-mode this kind of happens automatically. But when I set it to plot-mode I really struggle to get a basemap. Anyone maybe has a pointer on where to look?

I thought about something like this:

tm_shape(raster1) + tm_raster("col1.VALUE", palette = "viridis") + 
tm_basemap("Stamen.Watercolor") + tm_tiles("Stamen.TonerLabels")

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The rosm package can download tiles from OpenStreetMap and construct an RGB raster that you can use as the first layer in a tmap plot.

For some raster r, something like [untested precisely]:

 x <- osm.raster(r, crop=TRUE)
 tm_shape(x) + tm_rgb() + tm_shape(r) + tm_raster()

will map r over the basemap image x.

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