Given files by client:

.dwg .bak

QGIS doesn't like it; FREECAD doesn't like it; RhinoCAD doesn't like it or Illustrator.

QGIS > Project > Import as .dwg/.dxf actually asks for .gdb, which doesn't help.

Found previous answer here: Converting .dwg to .shp using QGIS?

but it's not complete and from 2012.


Convert from DWG to DXF to SHP:

  1. Download and open ODA File converter: https://www.opendesign.com/guestfiles

  2. Convert DWG to DXF (Choose lastest year - mine was 2018 - ASCII DXF)

  3. Use QGIS Plugin 'Another DXF Import/Converter' to add from folder to new folder (Don't forget to click 'Save as shapefiles')

  4. Loads in QGIS in layers


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