I am trying to extract the area of a catchment against Elevation (in classes) [screenshot attached below]

The steps I used are:

  1. Clip the catchment area from DEM
  2. Classify the area in 20 classes
  3. Reclassify
  4. Raster to polygon
  5. Merge based on gridcode

The problem is I find the only 3-4 values of shape area which are repeating as you can see in Shape_Area. I am confused what could be reason.

Is it due to some resolution of DEM or anything else?


  • Your screenshot is to small to see. Isnt each row with the same area corresponding to individual pixels? Why is this not what you expected? Maybe Dissolve is the tool you wanted and not merge? If your output is a feature class in a file geodatabase, shape_area will be calculated automatically – BERA Jan 21 at 11:59

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