I have a TIFF file of 7378x6923 (widthXheight) resolution. I resized it to 1200x1200 pixels using Image module in Python.

img = Image.open('path to tif file')
img = img.resize((1200,1200))

But after resizing, the pixel values show unusual values. Before resizing, a certain pixel's value was 125.28. Now, after resizing, that pixel's value has turned to 1123715645. I am reading the pixel value with:

with rasterio.open('path to tif file') as dataset:
    band = dataset.read(1)
    value_of_interest = band[row_of_interest, column_of_interest]

Why does this happen?

How can I preserve the height values in same pixel position?


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Pillow isn't a geospatial library, I recommend looking at rasterio resampling

For example:

import rasterio
from rasterio.enums import Resampling

# Register GDAL format drivers and configuration options with a
# context manager.
with rasterio.Env():

    with rasterio.open('/path/to/input.tif') as dataset:
        data = dataset.read(1, out_shape=(1200, 1200), resampling=Resampling.bilinear)
        # scale image transform
        transform = dataset.transform * dataset.transform.scale(
            (dataset.height / data.shape[0]),  # rows
            (dataset.width / data.shape[1])  # cols

        profile = dataset.profile
        profile.update(transform=transform, width=data.shape[1], height=data.shape[0])

    with rasterio.open('/path/to/output.tif', 'w', **profile) as dataset:
        dataset.write(data, 1)

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