I am trying to follow the excellent tutorial by Mike Bostock on medium with my own data.

Instead of a GeoJSON of California, I am trying to fit a small parcel somewhere in Norway to the map.

My input GeoJSON file is here, and looks like this:

GeoJSON file from parcel

Instead of using geproject to California Albers, I thought it would be better to use Transverse Mercator:

geoproject 'd3.geoTransverseMercator().fitSize([960, 960], d)' < se.json > se-transverse.json

The result of the project is [here]4, and it gave me the result I was hoping and expecting; all coordinates within the fitSize([960, 960] size. I am now wondering what I am missing to map this to scale. The resulting SVG I am getting after doing

geo2svg < se-transverse.json > se-transverse.svg


enter image description here

Which is just a tiny dot. It's the polygon, but not at scale. I thought the fitsize parameter fixed this, but there must be something else I am doing wrong.

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This problem was due to me not knowing that the GeoJSON file needed to be in the reverse winding order.

My solution was to do install geojson-rewind and reverse the GeoJSON file.

npm install --save @mapbox/geojson-rewind

There is an option --counterclockwise in this tool that needed to be turned on, even though it makes the file clockwise (https://github.com/mapbox/geojson-rewind/issues/1#issuecomment-577174363)

Philippe Rivière at visionscarto.net was helping with this problem:


curl https://pastebin.com/raw/j5MN7AjA > ./original.geojson

follows GeoJSON spec

geojson-rewind original.geojson > ccw.geojson

this won't work: D3 expects clockwise polygons

geoproject 'd3.geoTransverseMercator().fitSize([960, 500], d)' < ccw.geojson > ccw-projected.json

geo2svg --fill red ccw-projected.json > ccw.svg


note that the --counterclockwise option creates clockwise polygons 🤣

geojson-rewind --counterclockwise original.geojson > cw.geojson

geoproject 'd3.geoTransverseMercator().fitSize([960, 500], d)' < cw.geojson > cw-projected.json

geo2svg --fill green cw-projected.json > cw.svg

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