I had downloaded some data from https://nsidc.org/data/SPL2SMAP_S The description of the data is given in the page. Using an earthdata login, one can download the data. The data consists of *.xml and *.h5 files.enter image description here

Before downloading the data i selected the region as is seen in the picture above.

I tried

gdal_translate -of GTiff HDF5:"SMAP_L2_SM_SP_1AIWDV_20200103T012207_20200103T010733_073E32N_R16515_001.h5"://Soil_Moisture_Retrieval_Data_3km/water_body_fraction_3km out.tiff

This output tiff when projected in QGIS was off enter image description here I am looking for water_body_fraction_3km actually. I need help in creating a georeferenced tiff file (raster) containing this value.

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  • Step 1: Go to https://search.earthdata.nasa.gov/search?q=SPL2SMAP_S
  • Step 2: Select the tile that pops up
  • Step 3: Filter granules by date and region
  • Step 4: Select + Add to Project on right
  • Step 5: Select My Project button that appears
  • Step 6: Select More Options
  • Step 7: Select Customize under Select Data Access Method
  • Step 8: Under Reformat Output select GeoTiff for output file format & select Done
  • Step 9: Select Download Data button

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