I have a polygon layer that will be shared with other users. I do not want anyone to be able to delete or modify the polygon shape. I do need them to be able to edit other feature attributes.

Is it possible to do this in QGIS?

The layer will be used in the QField app.

  • are you working with shapefiles? are they stored on a shared windows drive or some other shared location? – DPSSpatial Jan 24 at 18:03
  • I am working with shapefiles but they are uploaded to tablet devices for field data collection. – Bid19 Jan 24 at 18:06
  • Check the documentation - there is a concept of a 'read-only' layer that might do the trick: qfield.org/docs/project-management/vector-layers.html – DPSSpatial Jan 24 at 18:13

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