I have code that works with features that are multipolygons. The problem is that I want to work with shapefile that I upload, but it's always FeatureCollection and my code fail for this.I have see nthere is a code to make geometry into featurecollection but I want to other direction.

When I draw the polygons manualy it works. Here you can see the differnce:

enter image description here

The first one is my uploaded shapefile and the second one is the manualy drawn shape.

My end goal: To change my shapefile into multipolygon.

*I dont add any code because I don't have code for this and I haven't found any way to do this,yet.


You can access the geometry of a feature collection by using the .geometry() function.

var my_fc_geometry = my_fc.geometry();

  • that works, but now I see it changes it to polygon and not to multipolygon, is there any way to change it into multipolygon? – Reut Jan 30 '20 at 8:14

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