I have a line .kml which is needed to converted to shape. And I need to make a relation between "Folder" and "Placemark". I have a common field (kml_id in "Folder" and kml_parent in Placemark). How can I join them ?

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One way to do this is using the FeatureMerger. Connect Placemark to the Requestor inputport and Folder to the Supplier inputport.

(In general you want the features with geometry as Requestor and the features with additional attributes as Supplier.)

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Set "kml_parent" as Requestor and "kml_id" as Supplier.

(By default, these attributes are hidden / unexposed. You can unhide and use these attributes by clicking the cogwheel of the Feature Type, go to the tab Format Attributes and check the wanted attributes.)

enter image description here

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