I'm trying To st_split() on two tables. the output is like this: Splitting a Polygon by a MultiPolygon is unsupported . Although both fields are Multipolygons. Created new columns where the geometry type is not specified. try:

create table processing.split_20 as (
  inventory_elements.ogc_fid as inv_id, seg_20.ogc_fid as seg_id,
  ST_Split(inventory_elements.geom, seg_20.geom)
  from input_d.inventory_elements, input_d.seg_20

-nothing changes - Splitting a Polygon by a MultiPolygon is unsupported and the types have not changed again both multipolygons

although after creating the columns and set the data I initiated alter to geometrii

ALTER TABLE input_d.inventory_elements ALTER COLUMN geom type geometry(Geometry, 4326)
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    Check the docs: splitting Polygons by any type of Polygon is not supported, it has to be a LineString! Use e.g. ST_ExteriorRing as blade. – ThingumaBob Jan 26 at 18:41

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