I have a custom style, that I made in MapBox. I don't have it in a digital version.

How can I use it with leaflet?

From here I understand how to add it. But I still need to apply styles. From this example I also understand, how to use my custom MapBox styles with MapBox GL.

But how can I use the custom styles with leaflet VectorGrid protobuf module?

Btw, I was very impressed with how much faster VectorGrid handles multiple markers or polygons and how fast it can change individual styles on 1000nds of objects

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Leaflet.VectorGrid does not have out-of-the-box support for MapBox stylesheets as of today. There was some preliminary work done on that front, but never finished.

The set of technologies that Leaflet.VectorGrid uses internally (an implementation over `L.renderer) is wildly different from the set of technologies that Mapbox.GL uses (creating GLSL shaders out of the style rules). This makes a complete implementation of the stylesheets to be hard work.

On a related note, support for ESRI stylesheets is also missing.

  • This is also to say: if somebody wants to put in the work needed to finish the work on the mapbox branch, please do. Jan 28, 2020 at 14:50

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