I am working with QGIS. I have a file with many points, and I would like to sample their values from a raster.

How can I add a column in the points' attribute table and fill it with the raster values?

  • Processing Toolbox, search for Sample raster values, et voilà? – Gabriel C. Jan 27 at 20:47

Use the "Sample Raster Values" QGIS Processing Algorithm.

The help for the tool states:

Sample raster values

This algorithm creates a new vector layer with the same attributes of the input layer and the raster values corresponding on the point location.

If the raster layer has more than one band, all the band values are sampled.

Preview of the tool:
enter image description here

General usage of the tool:
Select your Input Point Layer (if not auto-selected)
Select your Raster layer (Local rasters only, can not be a WMS/WMTS/XYZTile/etc.)
(Optional) Rename your Raster Attribute Column(s) with a prefix

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