server <- function(input, output){
output$map <-renderLeaflet({   
df_data <- uploadshapefile()
df_data <- as.data.frame(df_data)

id <- nrow(df_data)
    lm.palette <- colorRampPalette(c("red","white","blue","blue4"), space = "rgb")
    m <- mapview(df_data, zcol="quadrant",
            col.regions = lm.palette(20), map = NULL,
            main = "Local Moran's I", pretty = T) 
 output$clustered_map <- renderLeaflet({
      m <- m()

This is the server part of my app, here I cannot get the mapview properly. i.e. I cannot view the base layers with my map. there is no base layers in my leaflet mapview but zoom in, zoom out and panning data is possible. I also followed this link. But no use. I want to get the solution.

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