I am probably missing something silly, but I cannot add any tool to the my newly created model (or to any old ones) in ArcMap 10.7.

If I try to drag and drop any tool, the default .gdb appears in the model - see pic - and I cannot seem to be able to add anything else but more version of the geodatabase.

Model issue

I set the .gdb that contains the toolbox and the relevant model as default, and ticked "store relative path names option in the model property and "current workspace" in model properties>environments.

I also noticed that drag and drop for older model produces the same issue (it only copies the current default geodatabase) and the only "workaround" is to copy the tools from other models and paste them in the model of interest to then edit them.

This is the first time I am creating a model from scratch and not just editing it, so I am not sure if and why it was working before.

Steps to create a new model: 1.Open ExploreGasModel.mxd 2.Open catalog window and navigate to the relevant folder 3.Set FtCollins.gdb as default 4.Right click default geodatabase and create new toolbox 5.Right click new toolbox and create new model 6.In new model>Model properties> Store relative path names ticked and Model properties>Environments>Workspace> current workspace ticked 7.Save model 8.Open search bar and type buffer 9.Drag and drop buffer (analysis) tool, but instead FtCollins.gdb appears. Dragging different tools will create FtCollins.gdb(2), (3), etc.

Steps on an already existing model:

1.Open work_env.mxd 2.Edit an already existing model from Catalogue window. 3.In model>Model properties> Store relative path names ticked and Model properties>Environments>Workspace> current workspace ticked 4.Drag and drop "make a new feature layer" in the existing model only adds "Default.gdb" to the model.

Adding the tools from ArcToolbox (and not the tools as from the search tab) works normally. Is this a bug?

  • Have you closed and restarted ArcMap? If so, and if you are still getting this problem please describe each step you perform from starting ArcMap through creating a new model and beyond until you are stuck. – PolyGeo Jan 30 at 10:43
  • Hi Polygeo, Yes I have restarted ArcMap. – Geo_explorer Jan 30 at 10:50
  • The Issue reoccurs if I right click and edit any model in any .mxd file. If I open the search bar and type the tool I need and then drag into the model, I still obtain the geodatabase and not the tools. – Geo_explorer Jan 30 at 10:51
  • What happens if you create a new model? You said you were creating a model from scratch. Please use the edit button beneath your question to revise it with any requested clarifications. – PolyGeo Jan 30 at 10:58
  • 1
    Can you drag tools into the model from the toolbox window, instead of from the search results window? – Son of a Beach Jan 30 at 21:44

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