I am running QGIS 3.10 under Manjaro. I would like to add SAGA and R support to my QGIS tools as described in this thread (Configuring QGIS and SAGA on Ubuntu). The solution described here does not work in my case, however.

I have installed R 3.6.2 and SAGA 7.5.0-2 and activated the latter in the processing options (R does not appear here). However I can't see any SAGA tools in my toolbox.


Someone has found a solution with this answer. However, the plugin qgis-processing-saga-nextgen has limited compatibility with SAGA GIS 7.5 and in any case, you should change some line of codes in the plugin itself: in provider.py you must change REQUIRED_VERSION = '7.2' to REQUIRED_VERSION = '7.5' (please refer to this link)

At present, some modules work, some others do not (and I'm still searching the reason why)

And good luck

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