I have layer of points of which I need to build lines. Standart Points to path function doesn't suit me. I have data on time, but it does not reflect the order of connection that I need. I need to connect them by distance. That is, if the distance between two points is less than 10 meters - draw a line. Is it possible?

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    I didn't find any tool or I missed. But it can be done using python script. If you prefer python code, I can add as an answer. – Kadir Şahbaz Feb 4 at 0:34

If you don't mind working with QGIS' natively supported SQLite dialect, this breaks down to a trivial self-JOIN on the distance threshold:

  • either create a Virtual Layer, or use the DB Manager
  • run (assuming your point source layer is called pts, and has an id column)

    SELECT  a.id,
            MakeLine(a.geometry, b.geometry) AS geometry
    FROM    pts AS a
    JOIN    pts AS b
      ON    ST_Distance(a.geometry, b.geometry, 1) < 10
    WHERE   a.id <> b.id

The optional third parameter to ST_Distance (use_ellipsoid BOOLEAN), if given, will force the function to calculate distances based on a sphere (use_ellipsoid=0) or spheroid (use_ellipsoid=1), rather than on the Cartesian plane; this requires the geometries to be in a geographic reference, but works on meter as unit instead of the unit of the underlying CRS.

Note that this effectively aggregates attributes from two rows; the natively compiled SQLite version doesn't have any array support other than string concatenation. I simply added the id of both points to the output as reference; you could e.g. use the timestamp here.

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