In some vides appear a process separated and I would like to do this two steps in one step:

  1. set all values greater or equal to a number to 0:

    Con("MyRaster" >= 2800, 0 , 1)

the result is called "BandCloud.tif"

enter image description here

  1. use created mask of 0 and 1 is to give 0 value to clouds and keep the rest of the data in "MyRater":

    floar("MyRaster" * "BandClud")

the results is a ratser where are cloud values are equal to 0 and the rest is the data "MyRaster"

So, finally I get a raster of my data ("MyRaster") and 0 for clouds

enter image description here

But would liker to directly in the same first conditional (1) to set could values not to 0 but directly to null, I did it in a third step:

  1. set 0 values to null:

    SetNull("MyRaster" == 0, "MyRater")

enter image description here

How could this be done with raster calculator in ArcGIS?

  • Not sure I understand exactly what you want. If I misunderstand please clarify your question. You should be able to nest you raster calculator commands. If you wan't the zeros from the first command to be nulls instead: Con("MyRaster" >= 2800, SetNull("MyRaster" >= 2800, "MyRaster"), 1)
    – Greforb
    Feb 4, 2020 at 7:29

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If you want to set pixels to null when "MyRaster" >= 2800 and set everything else to the values of "MyRaster" all in one step, use this expression:

Con("MyRaster" < 2800, "MyRaster")

or this expression:

SetNull("MyRaster" >= 2800, "MyRaster")

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