I am trying to create an asset folder using


But I get the error:

AttributeError: module 'ee.data' has no attribute 'createFolder'

How do I create a folder using the python api?

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You have to use the ee.data.createAsset() method, like so:

import ee
ee.data.createAsset({'type': 'ImageCollection'}, 'users/[your-username]/test-folder')

Note that the type is different whether you're using the Cloud API or not. From the docs:

Creates an asset from a JSON value.

To create an empty image collection or folder, pass in a "value" object with a "type" key whose value is "ImageCollection" or "Folder". If you are using the Cloud API, use "IMAGE_COLLECTION" or "FOLDER".

Args: value: An object describing the asset to create or a JSON string with the already-serialized value for the new asset. opt_path: An optional desired ID, including full path. opt_properties: The keys and values of the properties to set on the created asset.

Returns: A description of the saved asset, including a generated ID.


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