I would like to create a number of Feature Services. Each Feature Service should contain 15-20 layers. There is no data yet, as I would like to create these for data collection with ArcGIS Collector. From an excel sheet, I know what attributes belong to each layer.

It is easy to create empty feature services with the ArcGIS Python API. But I cannot find a solution for adding layers (with specific attributes and geometry types etc.) to these empty feature services.

Where can I find an example? Or more documentation?

  • Do you have to do it using the Python API? Where will the services be stored? In AGOL, on Portal or a GIS data Server? – Keagan Allan Feb 4 '20 at 22:12
  • Everything is up in AGOL. Reason being: I need to setup several webmaps containing tens of layers each, depending on data in an excel sheet. I am not going to manually create all these feature services. – Joost Neujens Feb 5 '20 at 9:06

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