How in QGIS do I dissolve/merge polygons taking into account the area of intersection?

For example, if area of intersection less then 15% of polygon area then operation should't apply.

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It may be done using SQL through creating a virtual layer or querying your layer in db manager:

  1. Resave your data into geopackage or spartialite format. We'll need unique id column (in my case it's just "id").
  2. Create a virtual layer based on your layer with the following definition:
/* Intersecting all features with overlapping area > 15% */

    with intersection as (
            st_union(st_union(a.geometry, b.geometry)) geometry
        from tmp a
        join tmp b
            on a.id < b.id
                and st_intersects(a.geometry, b.geometry)
                and st_area(st_intersection(a.geometry, b.geometry)) >= st_area(a.geometry) * 0.15
                and st_area(st_intersection(a.geometry, b.geometry)) >= st_area(b.geometry) * 0.15

    /* Select all features that were not intersected and join datasets */
    from tmp a 
    cross join intersection b
    where not st_within(a.geometry, b.geometry)
    select * from intersection

You may also query your layer through dbmanager if it's complicated enough (virtual layers area slow)

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