I have calculated NDVI using land cover classification, now I want to calculate NDVI for Land-Use Map. I am using Google Earth Engine and can't find any help for that.

If I use a city 'Mumbai, India' how will I create land use map of it and then calculate NDVI on the bases of map classification.

  • Your question is not clear, do you want to calculte in general NDVI now for the area you have created land cover classificaton? ifyes, then maybe retrieve images from sentienl -2 , filter the boundries to your area+clip it with geoemtry of the area. after that you can calculte NDVI . – Reut Feb 14 at 11:22
  • Ya i have to calculate ndvi jsing classification on the bases of city master plan that include urban , industrial, forest, and other – Apoorv Mamgain Feb 14 at 13:50

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