I have the centerline of a river and multiple lines perpendicular to it on Qgis. I would like to extract the cross-sections in correspondence to those lines, how could I do? I tried qprof but the .csv in output is not correct (if I try to plot it with excel it doesn't give back the section)


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Try to use Profile tool which you can download from Plugin Manager. The tool can use your existing line layer to extract the profile from the raster data.

Have a look at this video: Using the Profile Tool plugin in QGIS which I selected randomly to show how to use Profile tool.

To use for existing vector layer:

  1. Select the raster image
  2. Add Layer
  3. From the drop-down list select Selected Polyline
  4. Select the line layer
  5. Select the line in the map view the one above the raster image

enter image description here

It will become yellow and you can see the profile under the line:

enter image description here

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