I'm trying to request features from wfs-service by using a virtual layer. Is it possible to load features by using a layer extent from a virtual layer?

I know how to add dimension for a request with ogr2ogr but how can I do same thing in QGIS?

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    why use a virtual layer, why not interact directly with the WFS – nmtoken Feb 10 at 14:38
  • what do you mean? The database only contains point data. I know how to use operators like 'like' '=' ect. But how to use some sort of extent/bounding box. I know there is an option where I can only request features by map extent but I need to be more specific. – Henri Feb 11 at 10:04
  • I mean that QGIS can read a WFS service directly, without you having to set up some virtual layer. when you say The database only contains point data. which database do you mean here? – nmtoken Feb 11 at 10:22

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