On calling API http://osrm.stackbox.xyz/table/v1/driving/78.4444076,11.6000205;78.5929274,11.5958152, I am getting a 2x2 matrix.

When I put the same coordinates with some more co-ordinates like this: http://osrm.stackbox.xyz/table/v1/driving/78.4444076,11.5870854;78.5929274,11.5958941;78.5938641,11.6000205;78.5961901,11.5958152, it gives me expected 4x4 matrix.

The issue is it's giving different distance(durations) matrix for points 78.4444076,11.6000205;78.5929274,11.5958152

  • If you don't provide exact coordinates in both sample it's normal. Second call corrected osrm.stackbox.xyz/table/v1/driving/… Duration is now OK
    – ThomasG77
    Feb 11 '20 at 13:57
  • @ThomasG77 can you explain little bit more.
    – shivank98
    Feb 11 '20 at 13:59
  • 1
    You say you provide points 78.4444076,11.6000205;78.5929274,11.5958152 but your second URL does not contain them. You use instead points 78.4444076,11.5870854 and 78.5961901,11.5958152 so the results for duration will differ
    – ThomasG77
    Feb 11 '20 at 14:05
  • Ohh I missed it. don't know why I couldn't see it. Thanks
    – shivank98
    Feb 12 '20 at 8:14

Those are not the same coordinates. Like ThomasG77 pointed out in the comments, those latitudes are different. If you compare




The distances are the same.

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