i am using google earth image for extracting building footprint. For that result, I have done edge extraction (orfeo toolbox) and after that I need to apply thresolding filter as per workflow stated in a paper (DOI: 10.6000/1927-5129.2016.12.03). But I cant find it on qgis and orfeo tutorial. Are there any point and click way to apply thresold filter or I need to use python?

  • You can use the BandMath OTB application. You can set an expression that involve numerical comparisons to perform the thresholding (e.g. "im1b1>0?1:0" puts 1 where the first pixel component of the first input image is greater than 0, else puts 0). You can find more informations in the BandMath documentation. – Rémi Feb 12 at 7:44

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