I want to built an interactive map that displays 2 types of data:

  • Polygons - I have 4 layers of custom shapefiles in ESRI
  • Points - lat/long data

Additional information:

  1. I am limited to using Power BI for the front-end. Can use any other tools for the backend/GIS.
  2. Needs to have drill-down capability into each layer.
  3. Needs to be able to combine Reference Layers (Shapefiles) with Points data on one map.
  4. Needs to include the ability to use multiple Custom Reference Layers (shapefiles)
  5. Custom Reference Layers (shapefiles) can not be made Public (ArcGIS Online limitation)
  • Power BI Map out-of-the-box. ... allows to combine Reference layers (shapefiles) with Points data Does Power BI allow shapefiles? The documentation I think talks about Shape Maps, which aren't shapefiles. I think natively only TopoJSON is supported – nmtoken Feb 11 at 17:08

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