I was under the impression that configuring Geoserver with the GDAL plugin would allow me to utilize GDAL's virtual I/O prefix for accessing data stores in a zip file, s3, etc. using /vsicurl/ or /vsis3/.

Having gone through the installation of GDAL and geoserver, I am able to use gdalinfo with the vsi prefix to successfully retrieve information about a file hosted in cloud, but when attempting to do this by adding a data store, I'm pretty sure Geoserver thinks this is just a file.

Any tips?

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I see no mention of this on the GeoServer manual page which lists:

The following image formats can be read by GeoServer using GDAL:

  • Curious if no way to "cheat" by mounting a volume from remote resource? Seems possible, at least for s3 (keyword s3fs in a search engine).
    – ThomasG77
    Feb 12, 2020 at 11:23
  • Right, those are image formats that Geoserver supports with the GDAL plugin. I would still be reading these formats but through the virtual filesystem /vsi prefix. Most likely I will have to make changes to geoserver or maybe imageio-ext source to route this URI through GDAL, since it seems Geoserver doesn't like anything other than a file:// Feb 12, 2020 at 16:35

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