I have a GraphicsLayer on ArcGIS js map with many lines of varying lengths (1 to 200m). However, in smaller zoom levels the short lines disappear. For example, in the images below the red lines are visible in the larger zoom level and then they are no longer visible when zoomed out:

ArcGIS zoomed in

ArcGIS zoomed in

ArcsGIS zoomed out

ArcGIS zoomed out

Having the same layer on Leaflet does not have this effect and the short lines appear like points:

Leaflet zoomed out

Leaflet zoomed out

Here is the code:

    this.simpleLineSymbolLeft = new SimpleLineSymbol({
        type: "simple-line",
        color: [247, 45, 45],
        width: 5,
        style: "solid"

let graphic = new Graphic({
            geometry: polyline,
            symbol: this.simpleLineSymbolLeft,
            attributes: properties

I assume this is a simplification effect, based on which very short line, instead of being collapsed into points, they are turned off. Is there a way to tweak this so that the short lines will not disappear?

  • It would be nice to see the code relative to the styling of the features in question. – IvanSanchez Feb 12 at 19:48
  • I updated the question with some code. – GStav Feb 12 at 20:05

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