I'm looking to notify another system when a WMX job (of particular job type) has been closed. And I know this will be a call to an Oracle package. I'm considering a database trigger because it seems to be the most straightforward approach, but cautious because I'm not finding a lot of chatter in the forums. Are there any "gotchas" (WMX or Oracle) to look out for with this approach?


  • Workflow Manager for ArcGIS 10.0
  • Oracle 11g
  • Want to avoid using custom notifiers and/or python scripts on client workstations.

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I've been running a trigger on the JTX_JOBS table for a few weeks (in a development environment).

Thus far, the only issue was an exception thrown when subsequent procedures query the the JTX_JOBS table: ORA-04091: table XXXX is mutating, trigger/function may not see it

Initial, poor trigger design on my part and easily fixed by updating stored procedures to receive additional values from the :NEW pseudo-record.

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