I am working with large size satellite images having size around 25 GB. My system is having 8 GB of RAM and gets entirely freezed after reading the image. What is the efficient way to process images having size more than the system RAM?

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    Please edit your question and specify what software you use. – user2856 Feb 15 at 7:03
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    You used tag "visualisation" but also wrote about processing. Which one is your main aim? – user30184 Feb 15 at 10:52
  • For most purposes, only a tiny portion of the file is kept in memory (usually the header metadata and read and decompression buffers). Sometimes the OS will cache recently read pages, but only with otherwise unused memory. If you have explicitly told an application to read a raster to RAM on a system with less RAM than the file size, it might first try to exhaust swap (which is one to ten thousand times slower than RAM). In general, the solution is, "Don't do that." – Vince Feb 16 at 12:10

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