I am very much new to the field of image processing. I have several images from planetscope. 20190722_155754_1049_3B_AnalyticMS is one of them. I don't know how to process these images in ArcGIS Desktop.

Can someone help me?

  • Welcome to GIS SE. Are you interested specifically in atmospherically correcting the Planet imagery? Are you interested in surface reflectance? – Aaron Feb 16 at 22:36
  • I want to extract the surface reflectance – Madushani Feb 17 at 22:30

To perform image processing in the ArcGIS Desktop 10.x architecture I think you should start by reviewing the Image Analysis window: Processing section in the Online Help:

The Image Analysis window's Processing section simplifies the experience of applying complex processing and analysis techniques to layers of image and raster data in ArcMap. The tools provide one-click options to apply processes, such as clipping, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) creation, mosaicking, and exporting. The tools are responsive to the selected layers in the window and are activated only when the appropriate inputs for the processes are selected. More than one layer can be chosen, and using the tool applies the processing or analysis to each layer creating temporary layers in the table of contents.

I am not certain that the Image Analysis window was present in ArcGIS Desktop 10.0, but it appears to have been available since at least ArcGIS Desktop 10.1.

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