I want to select batches of features using an expression which gives a range of IDs to select.

Instead of writing this "ID" IN (1,2,3,4,5) I would like to write something like this "ID" IN (1:5)

I tried the following but they didn't work:

"ID" IN (generate_series(1,5,1))

"ID" IN (array_to_string(generate_series(1,5,1)))


How about this ?

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  • This is close! Thank you. I was hoping that there was an operator like ' : ' that I just didn't know about but this is good too! – TeddyTedTed Feb 19 at 14:35

How about this?

"ID" <= 5 AND  "ID" >= 1
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    I must be having a pretty slow day because I didn't think of this. It's not exactly what I'm looking for but thank you! – TeddyTedTed Feb 19 at 14:34

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