Our organisation has multiple users using QGIS and using a lot of web-based ArcGIS mapserver / WMS data.

At present we share links to WMS/WMTS, XYZ, ArcGIS Mapserver resources via Wiki, however it would be preferable that there was a database our resource list that we could load resources from and centralise new "finds".

XYZ connections have the ability to save and load libraries to XML but WMS / ArcGIS Mapserver lists don’t seem to have this capability at a group level.

Is there any functionality or plugin that would allow this capability?


Just create metadata for the services that can be accessed through an OGC CSW interface, for example you could use GeoNetwork for this. Then users of QGIS can access the list of services using the MetaSearch tool.

QGIS MetaSearch

In this example we have a CSW catalogue of OneGeology services (and layers), and searching for all services/layers that have a minerals theme, then loading a WMS layer from the results.

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