Is there a way to either convert a lyrx file or the style manager stylx file from ArcGIS Pro 2.0 into anything that can be used in ArcMap 10.5?

I have symbology for about 100 items in ArcGIS Pro that I need to be able to use in ArcMap.

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    There is an ESRI thread where a workaround was suggested that you upload your ArcGIS Pro projects to ArcGIS Online as a webmap and then download those to ArcMap as an ArcMap package. See community.esri.com/ideas/… and scroll down to jmerson's comment. Another option is to save symbols with the attribute value name you want to match them with, then ArcMap will apply the symbols automatically. – johns Feb 21 at 14:39

There has been a similar question asked as Apply formatting of symbols from ArcGIS Pro to ArcMap, and this may or may not be a duplicate of that.

There is a great deal of complexity available within the symbology of both the ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro applications of ArcGIS Desktop. With the architecture of ArcGIS Pro being about 20 years newer than that of ArcMap it contains the functionality to read *.lyr files, making ArcMap symbology upwardly compatible with ArcGIS Pro. However, ArcMap cannot read *.lyrx files nor can ArcGIS Pro write *.lyr files so ArcGIS Pro symbology is not downwardly compatible with ArcMap.

To gain some insight into the complexity of symbology available in ArcGIS Pro perhaps review an ArcPy Help page on Python CIM access which talks more broadly than just Python.

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