I have a 2 year MODIS time series, with 45 files, all in tiff format. However, I don't know how to create a mapset for all files. I can only do it for one file. How do I create for my entire time series in GRASS GIS?

I'm Using GRASS on Windows.

This is my tif files

My Tif Files

I open grass gis and try to create a location for all files and click on the option read projection and datum terms a georeferenced datafile, but the option is one file at a time, I would like to create for all files at once.

enter image description here


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You need to create the LOCATION and MAPSET only once, using only one of the files, then import all files into that LOCATION/MAPSET.

In addition, you can do this easily from the command line, using the -e parameter to the grass command. This parameter means "create location and exit". Then you restart GRASS in that LOCATION/MAPSET, and do your import of all files.

It would go something like this:

grass -e -c <"path/to/one/MODIS file"> <"path/to/your/GISDBASE/LOCATION/MAPSET">

Then start GRASS, choose that new LOCATION/MAPSET and do your import of all MODIS files.


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