is anyone here familiar with tracing on PostGIS layers. I'd like to trace on a PostGIS multipolygon layer from another PostGIS multipolygon layer. I made the following steps:

  1. Open

Project --> Snapping options Choose Advanced Configuration and Topological Editing set checkbox on PostGIS layer I want to trace on

  1. deactivate all layers in the legend except the two PostGIS layers I want to work with
  2. Zoom close to the features I want to work with.
  3. Click into the polygon I want to reshape
  4. Click onto two vertices of the PostGIS layer I want to trace

  5. Tracing isn't activated !!!!

Are there any steps I have to consider to enable the tracing?

  • I don't think trace works on reshape? No matter what file you are editing. – HeikkiVesanto Feb 24 at 14:08

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