I'm new to QGIS and I'm wondering if there's any way I can add a label to my map in composer with a similar format shown in the image below. I know that I can add the CRS and CRS definition using the layer property format but I would like a similar output to the one in the image.

The attached image is generated from Arc by the way.

enter image description here


Some of the informations you seek are project-related some are map-related (if i'm right...). You can retrieve most of them using integrated variables that already exist in QGIS.

When filling your label go to "insert an expression" then browse the categories "Variables" and/or "Layout"

For example (in "variables") :

project_crs, project_distance_units, project_ellipsoid

For the map scale u can use :

map_get(item_variables('your_map_name'), 'map_scale')

You can parse the projection string definition with regexp_substr (greedy so may not fit) or a dedicated Python function in Expressions. Then reuse this informations extraction from layer CRS to display what you want in the map composer.

Personnaly, I would clearly use Python functions for this intent. In the future, to avoid parsing, we may be able to use PROJJSON, a JSON representation of projections and their parameters to simplify (PS: only available if using proj 6.2 or more)

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