Dont kill me on CRS!

Every time I add lat longs using the same CRS as the project they are now starting to mess up and show up in Africa or Asia.... I cant seem to match up the true lat long anymore? projection screenshot This never happened before I always check the project and layer projections (use a default EPSG: 3832)....

I'm sure this is a bug not a user issue? Anyone have anything similar happen?

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    Can you give a bit more of context, and example of the spreadsheet? Specially an example that worked before and one of now that it does not work. – ImanolUr Feb 26 at 11:23
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    Could you give at least one sample coordinate? The first record perhaps? – MyGIS Feb 26 at 11:27
  • Its a load of UK postcodes that have been geocoded to Lat Longs. The basemap is open street map and I use a boundary map which aligns perfectly. Over the last few weeks every time I try and add points they are not outputting where they should be. – Stevan Feb 26 at 11:30
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    EPSG:3832 is not a lat/long projection units are metres (Eastings/Northings) – nmtoken Feb 26 at 11:34
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    Using version 3.8 The software is very slow loading - deffo feel it needs updated. – Stevan Feb 26 at 11:37

If (as it appears) your coordinates are in decimal degrees (i.e. a point in the UK is near 51N 1W) then you need to set the CRS of the layer to be EPSG:4326. QGis will then take care of the complicated maths required to make the points show up in the right place regardless of the projection you choose for your map.

DON'T LIE TO QGIS ABOUT YOUR PROJECTION, it will become confused and sulk.

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    P.S. In all the questions I have seen about CRS and QGIS on this site not one has been a bug rather than user error. Trust the computer it is your friend. – Ian Turton Feb 26 at 11:57
  • Oh she is making my life hell at the mo... – Stevan Feb 26 at 11:57
  • Cool its just that recently I'm getting a lot of (not responding) windows crap when using QGIS... should I update to 3.10 or 3.12? – Stevan Feb 26 at 11:58
  • I'm using a mix of 3.10 and 3.12 across my machines with no issues – Ian Turton Feb 26 at 13:17

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